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Electronic Drum Set Review

Alesis DM8 Pro Review

Alesis DM8 Pro

The Alesis DM8 Pro Kit Professional Five-Piece Electronic Drum Set offers quite a lot especially considering its sub-$1000 price tag. It’s an intermediate level kit and its many features offer drummers an acoustic-like playing experience with its size and sound. Included in this kit is a module, snare, 3 toms, crash, ride and hi-hat cymbals, hi-hat controller and kick pad. The kick pedal is sold separately.


Alesis DM8 Pro ModuleThe DM8 Pro Module

This module comes with 750 studio and live drum, cymbal and percussion sounds. On top of that you get 100 programmable drum sets and dozens of play-along tracks. It also has an aux input so you can practice along with an external audio source (such as an iPod) and has a headphone jack. It also can be used with an iPad. The DM8 comes with a metronome as well to help you in your practice or live sessions.

 Alesis DM8 Pro Module Back

The Snare

This kit has a dual zone 12” snare good for rim shots and cross-stick hits.


DM8_Pro_Rack3What kind of drums heads?

The DM8 Pro comes with 8”, 10” and 12” toms. It brings in more realistic drum head sizes by having the drums get bigger as you move down the toms just like an acoustic drum set. All heads are fully adjustable and have rubber rims. The DM8 Pro comes with a drum key and has tension-adjustable drumheads and real triple-flanged counterhoops. Included with this kit are rubber rim mutes in case you want to quiet the rim sounds. Some have noted that this kit is loud so luckily you are be able to replace the drum heads with mesh heads if you would like to.

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The DM8 Pro comes with a 12” hi-hat, 14” crash, 16” ride with a rubberized playing surface. The ride has 3 zones for playing; surface, bell and bow. Both crash and ride cymbals can be choked. The hi-hat pad comes with a hi-hat controller and offers variable control from wide open to tightly closed, plus chick and heel splash. The hi-hat pedal has a spring so it adds some resistance giving it a realistic feel. You are also able to adjust the level of resistance to what you would like. It conveniently comes with boom stands for cymbals so you can angle them how you like as well.

Double kick?

Yes! The kick bad is fairly large so it can fit a double kick pedal. Note that this kit does not come with its own kick pedal.

Can you add more pads?

The DM8 Pro has room for one extra trigger.

Can it be used as a MIDI trigger?

Yes! It has a USB-MIDI output to use along with virtual instruments and software like Addictive Drums and EZDrummer.

How’s the hardware?

The DM8 Pro has a four-post rack featuring 1½-inch metal tubes. You don’t need any tools or drum keys to make adjustments since the clamps adjust with large wingscrews. A nice feature of this kit is that it comes with boom cymbal arms which allow nice adjustability. The snare and tom pads mount on standard 10.5mm L-rods with low-slip, knurled mounting surfaces.

Bottom Line

I think this kit has a lot to offer and for a decent price. It a worth-while purchase as an intermediate level kit. It offers a lot more than the DM6 such as chokable cymbals, changeable heads, boom stands and the ability to add an extra trigger. It looks great too. I’d recommend going to Amazon and checking out some of the reviews to see what people are saying about it.

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Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Set Review

The Alesis DM6 is a 5-piece electronic drum set with a DM6 module. It includes a snare, 3 toms, kick pedal, kick pad, hi-hat pad, hi-hat controller, crash and ride cymbal. The drums and cymbals pads are all rubber.

Alesis DM6 Drum SetThe DM6 Module
It also has 108 drum, cymbal and percussion sounds for you to play around with. The DM6 module has a metronome for you to practice with, 40 preset tracks for you to play along with and 15 programmable drum sets.

The DM6 allows you to practice with an outside audio source such as an iPod as it comes with a 1/8’’ mix-in jack. The module comes with 5 custom slots so you can create, edit and save your own custom sounds as well as 10 presets.

Alesis DM6 Module

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Alesis DM6 Kick Pedal

Can I add a double kick pedal?
If you want to add a second kick pedal the kick pad is large enough for two pedals. The kit already comes with its own kick pedal. All pads are also velocity sensitive so they will respond to how soft or hard you hit them.



The Snare
The snare is a dual zone 8 inch pad and offers 2 trigger points. For example, you can select a snare sound for the centre of the pad and select something like a rim click, rim shot or cowbell for the rim of the pad.

Can I Use it with drum programs like BFD or Addictive Drums?
Yes! Probably the coolest thing about this kit is that it comes with a USB MIDI output, meaning you can turn your drum kit into a trigger-to-MIDI interface with third-party programs. For example, this guy is playing the Alesis DM6 with Addictive Drums:

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How’s the Hardware?
The DM6 comes with mounting hardware and its rack is made from heavy-duty aluminum with standard 1-1/2-inch tubing that will work with clamps and mounts from other brands. Drumsticks are also included.

• DMPad Kick Pad with stand (with pedal)
• DMHat Pedal hi-hat controller (open/closed)
• DMPad 8″ Dual-Zone Pad (snare)
• 3 DMPad 8″ Single-Zone Pads (toms)
• 3 DMPad 12″ Cymbals (hi-hat, crash, and ride)

• Kits: 10 Preset, 5 User Kits
• Patterns: 40 Preset, 1 User
• Sounds: 108
• Inputs: 1/8″ stereo mix-in, 25-pin D-sub for cable snake
• Outputs: 1/8″ stereo master, 1/8″ headphone
• USB for trigger-to-MIDI interface
• Power: 9V AC, adapter included

Does not come with:

Watch this for a nice review of the Alesis DM6:

The Bottom Line
The Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Set is great for beginners and people who just want something to practice with. One feature it lacks though is chokable cymbals so if you want to do any serious recording you may be better off getting a more advanced kit such as the Alesis DM8 Pro. For its price I think the Alesis DM6 is an excellent beginner kit and I would definitely recommend it.

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